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mom2Meet my Mom.

I collect things. Or at least, I used to think it was collecting. My daughter (and others) have since labeled me a bit of a hoarder. I embrace it, because if it wasn’t for my ‘hoarding’ of ribbons, fabric and well, everything, I probably wouldn’t have created half the things that I have. And who knows, maybe my daughter wouldn’t be as interested in the things that she is if it wasn’t for this. I’m also incredibly frugal, and a lover of all things gardening and decorating. What can I say, that’s just me.”


Her Posts:

A lifetime of collecting, crafting & creating

Tips for chalk painting furniture & accessories



Meet my Aunt Sue. AuntSue

I love furniture, home décor and gardening . . . almost as much as my niece, Morgan does. But as much as I love it, 70 percent of my home décor was probably acquired—or rather, not purchased by choice. And when I say 70 percent, I mean I pulled that number out of the air. That said, I love each and every piece in my home (ok, some more than others), because I made those acquired pieces my own. There’s also something very gratifying about doing the work yourself. And cheap. Cheap is gratifying, too.


Her Posts: 

The tale of an enlightening DIY project

I declare myself an artist

Using gossamer paper to gussy up a hallway

How changing up a banister can change everything


Meet my cousin, Ashley.

“I have always loved DIY—always. I remember being about 5 and asking my parents for some wood, nails and a hammer because I wanted to build my own little house in the backyard, and I wasn’t kidding! To my dismay, my mom handed me a tiny, brown paper bag of random nails and a piece of scrap wood (I’m sure she didn’t trust me with a hammer yet!). Since then, I’ve been determined to prove that I can, and will, do whatever it takes to make any creation I dream up come to life—with my own two hands, of course. Plus, designing on a dime makes it that much more fun!”


Her Posts: 

Smoothing out dated textured walls

DIY log candle holder

The simplest, prettiest, wispy wreath you’ll ever make


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