A lifetime of collecting , crafting & creating

A lifetime of collecting , crafting & creating

A lifetime of collecting , crafting & creating


I started crafting in the late 60s, and I quickly found out that I had a collecting problemor as my daughter likes to call it, a hoarding problem. I started saving all sorts of “stuff” that I just might need for any future projects.

Imagine my delight when the DIY/Pinterest craze began. Somehow I felt vindicated, and knew there must be others out there like me. Luckily, many of my own friends and family members fit the bill.

Since my “stuff” had started piling up over the years, a while back I decided I needed a storage solution to CALM THE MADNESS. My own childhood dresser was the perfect piece. That same dresser was used by me and my siblings, as well as all my children as babies.

Today, I store my craft supplies in ita baby dresser from the 50s that I repurposed as a craft armoire. New paint and updated knobs worked wonders. I just wish I had a before picture. The classic clown details that once adorned the doors were pretty cool. Just not for modern day style. Here she is, post-makeover:



But getting back to my overflowing collection, here’s what she looks like when you open those pretty drawers. (Be afraid, be very afraid.):




And here is a breakdown of the crazy supplies I keep within it:

45 years worth (yes, 45) of scrap fabric. I haven’t started quilting yet, but I might.



Buttons and zippers removed from trashed clothing.  And my mom’s saved buttons and zippers.



My first obsession was sewing, and I have finally been able to search through my fabric and notions now that I have started sewing holiday dresses for my young granddaughters. You can understand my motives if you have priced sewing notions lately.

Here’s a bunny Halloween costume that my kids once wore, and last year, my youngest grand baby did:



I’ve also made lots of cute holiday outfits. I often make two, because why wouldn’t you want two cute toddlers to match?! Here are just a few examples:



Nia looks thrilled, doesn’t she?! : )










Lace trim cut off of a stained tablecloth. I know, it probably took me longer to get it off than it would have been to go buy some.

You know those annoying thin loops of ribbon on the inside of shirts that keep them on the hanger? Yep, I save them. Those have actually been used for my granddaughters’ dress up sewing projects. A couple ribbon streamers turned a plain elastic headband into a headdress fit for a fairy or princess.





Extra sequins and beads from used Christmas ornament kits. I don’t really plan on making more ornaments, but I might.

Half used skeins of yarn from my rug hooking days. I am happy to say that has come in handy learning to knit this past winter. I am so glad I had those in case the stores were all out of yarn.

Pieces of birch bark from my front yard. What can I say, they are so pretty!

Patterns from the 80s and 90s. Okay there are probably a few from the 60s and 70s.

Various popsicle sticks, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and clothes pins from my daughter’s Girl Scout craft days. She is 35.

Pieces of foam rubber. I even questioned myself on that one until one day my husband complained about his sagging recliner cushions. How resourceful I thought! I have just the solution.

And the craziest . . .  you know the stretchy piece of fabric on the side of a mattress pad? Well, I cut off the tufted top to make a custom mattress pad for my granddaughter’s travel bassinet. But those stretchy sides were so unique, how could I not keep them? (See bottom left of picture.)



Believe it or not, that fabric came in handy when I decided it would make perfect slip-on sleeves for dress-up play. My granddaughter agreed : )




Now just imagine that stretchy stuff as a terrific mermaid fin! The possibilities are endless.

So crazy as it is, whether it’s my love for repurposing, creativity or dreams of a new project, my hoarding will probably continue. My husband once stated I will never use that stuff . . .  But I might.

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