Using gossamer paper to gussy up a hallway

Using gossamer paper to gussy up a hallway

Using gossamer paper to gussy up a hallway


Have you ever heard of gossamer paper? Neither had I! But on a recent walk through an art supply store, I noticed this gorgeous, lace-like paper. That’s what I love about art stores. They’re full of inspiration. I like Blick in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. Just walking through it fills your head with images of the beautiful things you could create if you had any talent. Ha. Really though, since I feel like I lack any real artistic talent, I appreciate supplies that are already gorgeous. Like gossamer paper, for example.

I purchased a sheet of gossamer paper and took it home without any real plan. But then I decided it would be lovely simply framed. So the search was on for the perfect frame.

In addition to art supply stores, I love resale shops. I stopped by the Habitat for Humanity Store (also in Milwaukee’s Third Ward), but then settled on a frame from a St. Vincent De Paul store in Slades Corners, near my home.

The key to resale shopping is persistence, patience and flexibility. As Chip Gaines says on Fixer Upper, find the worst house on the best block. With frames, I say find the worst artwork with the best frame. That way you can purchase the “art,” and then take it home and tear it apart without any guilt. Use that beautiful frame (and maybe mat) for anything you like; in this case, I framed my gossamer paper. I used the brown wrapping paper that the store packaged my gossamer paper in to serve as the background. Cheap, but effective.

The result is one of my favorite pieces of wall décor. It is even showier in person, but you will have to take my word for it . . . or stop by my daughter’s place (who I made it for). She reports that people comment on how beautiful it is all the time.

Now it’s your turn!






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