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The simplest, prettiest, wispy wreath you’ll ever make

The simplest, prettiest, wispy wreath you’ll ever make

The simplest, prettiest, wispy wreath you’ll ever make


Not only is this wreath gorgeous and versatile, but it’s also inexpensive, quick and a cinch to make. Total cost is under $15, and total impact is priceless, in my humble opinion 🙂  Plus, in my case, I was already in the process of another project where I needed a few wire wreath forms, so I didn’t even need to buy one for this cute little DIY wreath. (Even if I had needed to, they’re super cheap, so they definitely won’t break the bank.) If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here it is:


*Full Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. What that means is that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase on one of them. I only include links and recommend products that I strongly believe in, and ones that I have personally used and loved. So here’s to spreading the inspo!!!


Supplies Needed:

  1. 18” wire wreath form
  2. Metallic gold spray paint
  3. Greenery 
  4. Florist wire 
  5. Needle nose pliers

I opted to use an 18-inch wire wreath form, but you could also go with a 12-inch. It depends on where you want to hang it, and what kind of impact you want it to make. In order to prep the wreath form, I first used a pair of needle nose pliers to take it apart.


It worked best to use either the biggest or smallest hoop because of the way they are only hooked together, not soldered like the two middle hoops are. Once you loosen the hooks, the hoop pops right off. You should be left with this:


Next, I added some much-needed bling by spray painting both sides in a metallic gold paint I already had on hand (my favorite kind) from my Log Candle Holder project. Also, it probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: If you choose to spray paint, make sure to do it outside or in a well-ventilated area while also wearing a respiratory mask. Metallic paints are especially harmful to your health, so you should take proper precautions.


While the spray paint dries, use the time (like I did) to figure out what type of greenery you want to adorn it with. I chose a draping greenery reminiscent of a willow tree branch because I wanted a delicate look for my small bathroom. I found mine at Michaels for just $3 during a 50% sale. Woot woot!


But there are so many options out there, so have fun with it! A quick Amazon search, and here are some great deals (and reviews) that could also work, depending on the look you’re after. Especially if you’re making more than one wreath, these ones will go a long way:

  1. Faux Willow Vines
  2. Faux Lavender
  3. Faux Eucalyptus Leaves
  4. Faux Greenery: Flocked Lamb’s Ear

To add the greenery, first trim off the long stem. Needle nose pliers typically have wire cutters on them that make it easy to do so. And to attach, simply wrap some florist wire around the wreath form and your sprig.

It’s hard to tell in my photos, but there are 3 sprigs to the one long stem that I bought, so I also separated each of those and attached one whole sprig with the florist wire, starting at the stem, and then again at the opposite end of the sprig. Secure additional sprigs and leaves to fill it out and hide any wire or stems. It’s not a science, but it will take a little time to achieve the look you’re after.

And honestly, that’s it! I’m also looking forward to adding flowers, autumn-colored leaves and holiday tchotchkes to my wreath depending on the season. That’s what I love about this wreath. It’s super easy to make. Super cheap. And SUPER versatile. Happy DIY-ing friends 🙂


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