DIY paper garland tutorial

DIY paper garland tutorial

DIY paper garland tutorial

If you’re anything like me, when the same super creative DIY project keeps filling up my Instagram feed, it also starts toying with my mind: “Make me. Maaaakeeee meeeeeee.”

Enter: DIY paper garland.

That’s how this project began (the same way as most – ha). And take it from me, this one is a cinch! Plus, it can be used in sooooo many great ways that it’s really a no-brainer to try out for yourself – kid’s room decor, birthday party decorations, to jazz up a corner, playroom cuteness, you name it.

It takes very few supplies, and even less skill, so what do you have to lose (besides some time)?



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  1. Cardstock of varying colors
  2. Paper punch
  3. Sewing machine with all-purpose thread
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape or tacks to hang

The main tool you need is a shape puncher. I used circles, but I’m planning on making hearts for Valentine’s Day, and maybe some other shapes (squares are the others I have) just because. I have an old school set that works just okay, so rather than recommend my tools, I’d recommend the ones that I plan on buying when mine bite the dust (the blades are really dull, so I imagine their death is near ;). These are the ones I’ll purchase next, due to the solid reviews, and experience with the Martha Stewart brand in other craft supplies:

Martha Stewart Circle Punch
Martha Stewart Circle Punch – Extra Large
This is what you’ll end up with:


And now all you need to do is sew them together and strategize a super rad way to display them. For the full detailed tutorial, check it out here on the Milwaukee Moms Blog. Or, you can view the picture story below – because let’s face it, some days… reading is hard. Ha. Enjoy!

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