How to turn a wedding invitation into an ornament

How to turn a wedding invitation into an ornament

How to turn a wedding invitation into an ornament

Hey, hey it’s the holidayyyyyyssssssss! Which means it’s also winter wedding season. Just kidding. I made that up. Because isn’t every season really wedding season? Either way, I’ve got a super simple DIY project to turn your wedding invitation into a keepsake ornament you’ll love 4-eva.

You could also use this tutorial on a variety of other things: Graduation program, birth announcement, baby shower invitation, retirement party invitation or any other memorable program or invitation you want to preserve.


Supplies needed:

Exacto knife
Cutting matte
Pen or pencil
Clear glass ornament
String, ribbon or hook to hang






Cut invitation into 1/4-inch strips

Pay special attention to “what” you’re cutting. The details of the invitation (i.e. Names, location, time, etc.) are what you want to see through the glass, so make sure you’re not cutting through the words, but rather, around them.




Roll strips around a pen or pencil

Invitations are often thick, but that’s ok. Just start from one end, and start to roll it around the pen, making your way diagonally downward. NOTE: Make sure your words are facing outward.





Insert strips into ornament

There’s nothing special about this step. Just get all the curled strips inside, semi randomly.



Dress it up

Add any decorative details to the top of your ornament to really glam it up. I opted for the ribbon that was used to tie our invitation, as well as a second coordinating ribbon, for added depth. The prett-ify-ing options here are endless.



That’s it! Hang it on your tree and thank the LORD that you cleared out some of the random invitations and keepsakes you have laying around your house – or is that just me? 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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