People often ask me why I love DIY’ing so much. So it got me wondering myself. Who DO I love it? Certainly, the most obvious reason is because I’m cheap. I can’t help it. My mom does things like this… on a daily basis. And her sister, my Aunt, does things like this. So what can I say? It’s their fault.

But I DIY for sooooo many more reasons than money alone. After much contemplation, I uncovered my list. (Sorry if you hate quotes, cuz this post is FULL of them 🙂


1. Duh… Because Pinterest.

Ya know what-I’m-sayin?!


And unfortunately, this is pretty accurate for me. See here.



Again, it’s not my fault, and if you’re reading this, odds are, you agree with me! Curse you Pinterest Gods.


2. #GirlBoss

Better yet, #I’M the boss. I, and only I, rule the outcome of every DIY project I tackle. I have the first say, and the last. And that is a pretty empowering feeling. I mean, when and where else can you say that? Especially in today’s crazy, and very often, scary world, this is the one thing (as small as it may be) that I can control. Totally and utterly. Donald Trump has no power here, folks 🙂


3. It’s a family affair

“Crafting our crazies out.” That’s how my daughters respond when I ask them to “help” me with a DIY project. (Really, it’s just them opening a pre-packed ziploc bag of misc. ribbons, buttons and fabric remnants, put together by moi, but to them, it’s an afternoon of making stuff with mama.) My husband has also become a master handyman, woodworker and general do-whatever-I-ask-him-to guy, and working together is just fun. Plain and simple. Sure, sometimes we have disagreements (ok, we often have disagreements), but generally, we enjoy the process, each other’s company and most of all, the end product. Finishing a project together gives us a mutual sense of accomplishment, and to us, that feeling is priceless—and contagious.


4. It’s rewarding

Seeing the results, the finished products, feels so so good. And hearing people’s reactions also feels good.

I accomplished this on my own. I didn’t have a man do it for me. I did it for myself, by myself.

I am woman, hear me roar. #GirlBoss once again.



5. Creativity is a powerful thing

It just plain feels good. Write something. Paint something. Build something. Design something. Sew something. Sculpt something. Mod Podge something. Sand something. Knit something. Quilt something. Crochet something. Revive something. Refinish something. Bedazzle something. Just do something creative, cuz it feels goooodddddddd.



6. There are no rules. No limits. And no judgments.


That about sums it up. Oh, and this. So much this:



7. Making something gives it meaning

There’s a reason handmade gifts are always met with such emotion. You are sharing a part of yourself with someone else. Something you created, just for them. DIY projects are like this. They hold special meaning, they reflect your personality and every time you see them in your house, you feel that emotion. It’s not another store-bought chair. It’s a chair you poured your blood, sweat and tears into to get exactly what you wanted. And for that, you love and cherish it!

beautiful things blue 5x7


8. It’s good for the mind, body & soul

For me (and many others out there) working with my hands is a stress reliever. My very own namaste, glue gun in one hand, nail gun in the other! That feeling of holding a power tool in your hand… or getting ready to staple that last piece of fabric… I swear to you, it lowers my heart rate and blood pressure. There’s GOT to be some science behind it!


9. Maybe someday it will be more than a hobby

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never dreamt of DIY’ing and blogging full-time. I WISH I could. Right now, it’s a hobby, but maybe someday it will be more than that. A path to freedom. Many DIY’ers (some that I know, in fact) have turned their passions into a full-fledge business, and for me, that would be the end goal. Albeit, a lofty one.






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