DIY West Elm-inspired floor pouf

DIY West Elm-inspired floor pouf

DIY West Elm-inspired floor pouf

What’s not to like about floor poufs? Their versatility is never-ending (think foot stool, end table or extra seating), and I’m always amazed by how even the teeniest pouf can add such a dramatic pop of color & style to a room.

That’s precisely why I decided to make my own West Elm-inspired pouf for my third daughter’s nursery (yes, I said third daughter – pray for me – pray even harder for my husband!). Check out their site, and simple, clean-lined poufs are everywhere. I particularly like the shape of the modern square ones. And that’s exactly the style I was after.

I already had this giant pouf in my girls’ bedroom.



The only problem: No one ever uses it. Back when I was nursing, it was indispensable. And when my 2 oldest girls were both crawling, it got a ton of use. But now that they are 4 and 3, the big ‘ol pouf just sits there being all big… old… and poufy.

I decided to re-use some of its stuffing to make a smaller, West Elm-y one to fit my needs. Why? Because I’m cheap!

Materials needed:

  1. Fabric (you don’t have to go crazy and get full-blown reupholstery fabric, but depending on how you’ll be using it, you want to make sure you choose the right weight for the job)
  2. Stuffing / fill
  3. Sewing machine & sturdy thread (all-purpose worked for me)
  4. Zipper
  5. Scissors
  6. Pins

For the full step-by-step tutorial, check it out here on the Milwaukee Moms Blog. Or, you can view the picture story below – because let’s face it, some days… reading is hard. Ha. Enjoy!




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